Water is a shared, vital and increasingly scarce resource. It is also a critical input for mining activities. If a mine does not manage its activities and water use adequately this can impact on the quality and quantity of water available to other users, damaging our social license, and risk potential fines.

The Company is committed to improving water management. Centamin’s water management strategy is to use water efficiently as possible and to draw only as much water as needed, and to remain within the Company’s permitted limits.  The Company aims to reduce the impact on other water users in host countries and communities. A central pillar of Centamin’s approach to water use is to maximise the amount of process water recycled.

Site-specific water management plans are developed for all operational sites as part of the wider Environmental Management System (“EMS”). The water management plan includes:

  • the different water sources available
  • the needs of other users
  • the specific evapotranspiration rates of the site
  • the quality and quantity of water available, and
  • permit allowances.
20171012_sukari_tailings dam tailings dam and view of site